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Sediment Water Filter

Sediment Water Filter
Sediment Water Filter
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Product Code : PPS-12
Product Description
Melt-Blown Technology is a significant innovation leading today's filter industry, although the filter produced by conventional melt-blown fibers apt to exhibit some limitations.
Companies have concentrated on R&D efforts to overcome the technology's intrinsic shortcoming such as inferior strength, inconsistent filtration efficiency and short service life.

Our pursuit of innovation has yielded remarkable advances. The unique Multi-Cross Polymeric Fibrous Matrix technology dramatically enhances the filtration performance by multi-layered and fixed pore structure while delivering longer life cycle.

* robust design 
* better efficiency 
*High Dirt holding capacity 
* high strength
* micron 0.2 to 100 micron 
* size 10" to 40" 
* jumbo design and normal dia